What causes dark circles under eyes?

In case if you are looking for methods, treatments and solutions to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, first of all you have to determine the cause that leaded to these unpleasant signs. Skin pigmentations, veins being visible and age, they may all be causes of dark circles under your eyes.
Revitol is a remarkable eye cream that alleviates the symptoms of aging that may leave any marks on your skin: dark circles under eye, puffiness and wrinkles. As is written on the pages of Revitol this cream is having a powerful formula with highly efficient ingredients that nourish the skin, soothes irritated skin, reduce the appearance of excess skin pigmentation and eliminate the dark circles under the eyes, Revitol is truly an amazing eye cream that you should keep in your bag.
revitolShadows, dark rings or dark circles under eyes represent that unpleasant condition when a person develops blemishes or skin colorations in the area close to the eye. Affecting both women and men, dark circles under eye may appear due to numerous factors and it may be accompanied by symptoms like headache, eye bugs, watery eyes, itchy skin, eczema, fatigue, anxiety, facial pressure, swellings, fever, redness and even bloody nose, which is a case when you should see a doctor immediately.
There are more types of dark rings under eyes, depending on what causes the coloration.
Hyperpigmentation circles under eyes affect people with a darker skin tone and it is a condition caused by too much melanin in the skin nearby the eyes. Melanin will make that skin darker than the rest of the face.
Blue circles under eyes appear usually due to aging, when the skin is thinner and more transparent and the blood vessels are more visible.
Brown circles under eyes often occur due to exposure to sun, too much eye rubbing or due to genetics.
If wanting to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes, it is important to remove or fix its main cause. This way you will succeed to both treat and prevent the reoccurrence of dark circles under eyes. Heredity, allergies, aging, blood dilating medications, anemia and poor nutrition are the most common causes of these signs.
Many times when these dark circles appear, they are due to genes. The skin under the eyes is more transparent and the veins are visible under eyelid, causing a bluish coloration. Exposure to too much sunlight may make this problem worse, so use sunscreens to protect your skin under the eyes, especially if this problem runs in your family.
It is important to take proper care of your skin and use adequate creams, especially when the first signs of aging start to appear on your face. Take into consideration using Revitol, this remarkable eye cream that nourishes the skin and reduces the unpleasant aspect of dark circles under eyes.
Including in its highly effective formula ingredients that reduce pigmentation and wrinkles and eliminate the puffiness, Revitol nourishes the skin and promotes the healthy appearance of skin under eyes. Use Revitol and forget about dark circles under eyes!