Get rid of your toe nail infection

Toenail fungus can be an uncomfortable and embracing problem any one could have. Statistics depict that about 35 million Americans alone have this uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. To become a panacea to this problem, The Zeta Clear Company decided to be the savior to those suffering and came up with the Zeta Clear solution that would help relieve those suffering from nail foot fungi.

How Zeta Clear works

Get rid of your toe nail infection The solution comes in two forms of treatment. The first treatment is an oral spray with homeopathic ingredients (ingredients that help the body to heal itself) and a gel solution that you apply direct to the affected toe.

You apply the gel solution to the affected toe to help to soften the toe, to combat the fungal infection while penetrating the skin, where the fungal infection might have started.

The other part of the treatment that is the spray is used so that those homeopathic ingredients can directly access you blood stream and race to the affected area to help get rid of the problem quicker. Some of those ingredients include:

Clove oil-a solution that has been widely used to treat more than 15 different types of fungiLemmon grass which has been used for centuries to treat skin diseases such as dry and scaly skin being a few of the ailments it treatsTea tree extracts. This makes sense for Zeta Clear as tea farmers boil tea leaves and slip their legs in that concoction so as to get rid of various feet problem such as smelly feet.Undecylenic acid which is extracted from castor oil which is used to give one healthy skin

These being a few of the ingredients the ZetaClear treatment has to help those suffering from toe nail fungi.

How to administer ZetaClear and how long it takes to work

The gel. You should apply the gel on a daily basis. It is advisable once you apply it cover it with a new band aid every time you apply it. After taking a shower, thoroughly dry your foot before you apply the gel.

The spray. You should use it at least three times daily buy spraying under the tongue. This helps to get to the blood system faster.

Testimonials of the ZetaClear treatment have shown that it has signs of it working in about two weeks if used as per its recommendation. The foot fungi however seems to clear up in its users after about one month to three months of its use if used as recommended.

Advantages of using ZetaClear treatment

It is not that expensive. The ZetaClear treatment is affordable and you do not need to buy it on a regular basis as compared to prescription medicines or any other foot fungi remedies out there, as it works way better than they do.

It has no side effects. In its 10 years of production and use, there have no known complaints its side effects this proves it to be the best solution for any toe fungus infection that anyone might have.

It has a money-back guarantee. The ZetaClear company being confident in its product has offered a money back guarantee if the user has used it in about a month and has not seen any results or benefit it has offered. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with it you can claim back the money you have spent in buying the treatment.