David Azzato’s career, from a programmer to company manager

Is it important what you do unless it is good for you and other people? David Azzato asked himself that question quite a few time during his life, and he found an answer. It is not. If you do something with passion and you give everything from yourself to make something good, you will find a way to go to the top!

Small starts

After finishing college David Azzato started working in a programming company that created websites and small mobile applications for people on demand. It was an interesting opportunity to start doing what he has learned to do for so long and to get paid for that. He did his job very precisely and always on time, so that soon he became promoted to the junior project manager. He had so the opportunity to get in touch and to talk to some of the big names of the industry.
During that time, just after finishing college, David Azzato kept working on this amazing idea he had about this open and secure photography platform. But he had not enough support and did not want to share his idea with someone who could steal it. On day a big name of the mobile industry came to the headquarters to talk about the new version of the app they created for them. The job was given to David and his team. So he had a meeting with the big name. David knew this is his chance to bring out his platform idea and he tried to find a way to bring the idea out and offer the client to become a part of it.

When it all started

The meeting was the next week and David Azzato had quite a hard time to pick a way that will be the most appealing but also not so direct like: “Will you give me money to build this platform?”. The time went by and the day came. It should be a long meeting considering all the details that had to be talked through. With the big name came also two of his assistants and David Azzato though he would not get a chance to tell anything about his idea. But after the meeting the assistants went to print out a few documents that need to be read through by each one of them.
That was the moment when he had the chance. He opened his mouth to say something, but the experienced businessman stopped him: “I guess you have an idea you want me to become a part of?” David Azzato knew it would not work, but he said everything about the platform he was putting so much effort and time into for the last few years. After a few minutes the big name was more interested than during the whole meeting into what he was saying. He offered David to become a partner, the place of the company manager and enough money to make his idea a reality.